Welcome to The Proof Leader

At The Proof Leader, based in Brisbane, Australia, I provide proofreading and copy editing services that will take your draft copy and polish it in preparation for publishing or submission.

Do you want to grasp your reader’s attention and imagination?

Does your business need to freshen or upgrade its publications and advertising material?

Are you a student who needs your assessment or thesis given a professional polish?

The Proof Leader can take your words and give them an empathetic and competent overhaul, correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. A copy edit or proofread of your piece can eliminate errors and improve the overall tenor and flow of your writing.

Any piece of writing will benefit from the attention of a proofreader/copy editor.

Whether you are writing an historical romance novel, an assessment item for your Master’s degree, or overhauling your corporate documentation, your writing will benefit from the attention of a skilled proofreader or editor. Your work will read smoothly, and your readers will grasp your ideas more readily.

Contact me to discuss your needs, or send a copy of your work for a free quote. I look forward to working with you!