Business Services

The public judges your business by the quality of your print output, be it hard copy or electronic. Errors and inconsistencies reduce your business’s credibility in the eyes of your customers. How many times have you scoffed at another company’s spelling error in their marketing copy? Have you considered that others may do that to yours?

The amount of copy that most businesses produce can be phenomenal – imagine how much writing you do during the course of a week, including simple items such as emails and minutes. The Proof Leader can help with the production of your more formal communications: reports, memos, form letters and emails, in-house manuals and forms and advertising copy.  Handing the final read and correction over to me can lessen the stress of producing your print publications.

A proofread or copy edit will ensure that your public face is not marred with distracting mistakes and ambiguous language. During a proofread, I will check for errors in spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation, whilst copy editing is a more comprehensive check for elements such as flow of language, ambiguity, continuity of style and usage and document structure.

Contact me to discuss your business’s proofreading and copy editing needs; I also provide a copy writing service. Please do not hesitate to ask a question or make a suggestion.