About ‘The Proof Leader’

My name is Janelle Cruickshank – I am a freelance proofreader and copy editor who is on a quest to aid others in spelling, grammar and punctuation excellence!

I can proofread and copy edit your assessment item to help you gain those few precious extra marks. You can hand me your manuscript and have a break from your novel while I read it for errors, inconsistencies and sense. I can use your company’s style guide (or create one for you) to ensure a consistent corporate voice throughout your documents.

In addition to having had over seven years’ experience in proofreading and copy editing in the Commonwealth Public Service, I have also run a craft business as both web-based and shopfront, and have recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing and Publishing) degree with Curtin University. Wordplay and the origin and history of language are of intense fascination to me; my other interests include painting and illustration, writing, and cooking (I make a mean lasagne!).

My passion for words and (let’s face it) pedantic quest for the eradication of errors have led me to offer my proofreading and copy editing services to the writing public.