Proofreading for Authors

‘Writing is a craft, not an art.” – William Zinsser, author, editor and teacher.

Like any craft, writing must be learned. There are rules and guidelines that must be adhered to, otherwise your reader will be distracted from your message or story. The job of a proofreader/copy editor is to seek out and destroy those annoyances that disrupt the flow of your work.  A proofreader/copy editor will ensure that your reader will not trip over inconsistencies that cause confusion; rules and regulations in writing and language exist for a reason and, when implemented, will enhance your writing whilst retaining your authorial style.

Whether you are an author of prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, reference or articles, your work will benefit from an overall edit and proofread. It is easy to become too close to your writing, and a fresh pair of eyes will see your work from a more clinical perspective.

Contact me to discuss your needs – depending on the work involved, I can also do a sample proofread or copy edit to show the quality of my work.