Proofreading for Business and Corporate Customers

Whether you run a small business, home-based business, retail outlet or major corporation, your image is important to you, and rightly so. The products you sell, the services you provide and your customer relations are all integral elements of the way the public perceive your business. However, have you considered the quality of your print material?

This term covers anything written – all marketing, advertising and communications are comprehended in this area. Have you given thought to ensuring that the public sees a consistent message in the media that your company produces?

The Proof Leader will ensure consistency and accuracy in your print items, adhering to your company’s Style Manual (if you do not have one, I can assist in its production) and corporate message. Have you considered overhauling your in-house forms and documents to ensure the smooth running of your business?

The cost of any services additional to proofreading and copy editing can be negotiated.

Contact me to discuss your company’s needs for any documentation including:

Media copy
Magazine articles
In-house communication

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question regarding your print and communication needs.